JDE Password settings

Madav Karna

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Our Current JDE version is 9.0 and tools release is 8.98.43
The audit team asked for password settings and we shared the P98OWSEC processing options for the same. Now they are asking for a query to achieve the same.Can anyone help me on finding which table contains these settings ,ie the password settings available under processing options for the P98OWSEC application.

Madav Karna


Like Stewart said, processing options are stored in the PODATA column of the F983051 in central objects for your pathcode.
Depending on your database, it can be not too difficult to pull. On an Oracle database you can use a function something like this to parse the blob into readable text:

select vrpid,vrvers,vrjd, replace(utl_raw.cast_to_varchar2(dbms_lob.substr(vrpodata,2000,1)),chr(0),'') from pd920.f983051 where vrpid='P98OWSEC';

Note this specific code was written for Unicode on a 12c Oracle database.
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