JDE Optimum coding techniques


Hi Guys,
I have been into JDE since the last 3.5 years or so.
I have had seen one of our senior most technical consultant optimizing the JDE codes written by his team mates.The optimization was in terms of some failed Databse SQLs that took unnecessary processing time.
All he used was the OWDLC tool (i.e the debug log ). I wonder how he did it.
Can any one please put some insight on this ?Thought this would be helpful to some other developers in this community too.

Debug log will have your SQL statements. He probably would have removed unnecessary SQL's.
1) Use Fetch Single if you can. Avoid Select, and Fetch Next.
2) Use Business Functions to do a job (if available) in contrast to Table I/O's.
3) Use Nested If's so that program hits only necessary conditions.

I will suggest using Performance Workbench instead of OWDLC to analyze performance issues. You can also check JDE trace.