JDE Check printer printing/restarting same print file over and over


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We are on E1 9.0, tools

We had an event last week related to check printing that has apparently resolved itself but we would like to try to understand what happened. Below are the sequence of events.

1. Accounts Payable completed the Write step of a Check Payment Group that then sent the resulting PDf of about 123 checks to our check printer.
2. The A/P person reported that it initially printed 40 or so checks, but then restarted printing from the beginning, 30 or so checks, then again, etc. It was restarting over and over again, only printing the first checks in the batch.
3. If we looked at the printer, which was \\stylus\9530_CHK, we see an entry for the print file that shows the status going to Printing, then to Error-Restart Printing, etc, over and over.
4. I did not have authority but contacted out Network Ops team who did have authority to delete that print file.
5. We then did a Redeliver of of the RD output, and it also went into this Error / Restart mode.
6. I was remote but the Ops person on site, first rebooted the printer, then rebooted the print server. But the same result, Error - Restart, etc.
7. By then it was 7:30 PM so we gave up and would look at it in the morning.
8. The next morning, I retried a Redeliver of the output from the prior evening. This time it printed fine, no issues.
9. I tried redelivering the problem file from the night before multiple times ( printing on plain paper just for testing) and there were no errors, and the files printed completely without issue.
10. All checks have printed fine since then, which was last Tuesday.

One other point. Earlier that day, we have a major server issue, where apparently a controller somewhere went sideways and a whole bunch of servers, including the JDE enterprise, web, and deployment servers, could not connect to the network and we had a major system outage. That was resolved by 2 pm. JDE servers were then rebooted and JDE was back online about 3 pm. This check issue was the first check printed after this outage.

Could it be just a coincidence that we have this major server outage earlier in the day where we had the check issue? or could it be some other random issue. Should it happend again, what should we try beyond restarting the physical printer, or rebooting the printer server.

One more nugget, is that while I was working remotely, A/P and the Ops person were on site. I was asking them if there were any errors on the printer itself. There were none. The next day the A/P person did say that 'there were error codes printing on the last page'. However, they didn't think to save them but put them in the document recycle bin for shredding. Would have been curious as to what that said.

Any thoughts as always are appreciated. Thanks for reading.