JDE Object Browser 2.0

Hi Craig,

Thank you for creating this tool.

I recently noticed that the object explorer displays "Object ID" in the object tree. It should display "Object Bhvr ID" instead - just like the stock Object/ER Browser does in OMW.

For a lot of objects, "Object ID" and "Object Bhvr ID" are the same. I noticed the difference occurs when custom fields/objects are introduced in a UBE. Then, the "Object ID" and "Object Bhvr ID" go out of synch. But the stock Object/ER Browser reports the "Object Bhvr ID".

Can you enhance ObjectBrowser to add a switch to specify whether "Object ID" or "Object Bhvr ID" will be displayed? A switch would be nice just in case there are devs that prefer "Object ID" over "Object Bhvr ID".

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