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JDE Object Browser 2.0

I have two logs of the problem, one if I first enter the FAT and then open the Object Browser, and second if I first open the Objetc Browser and enter the FAT.

In the two scenarios, those reported by the logs are very different,

jde.log of the first case



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Was the workstation re-configured in some way? Try unistalling and re-installing Object browser? Sorry, but nothing I've seen before.
I have reinstalled several times, jdetrace does not work, nerdump does not work, the products were working, the client did a network and port segmentation for security reasons, after that they stopped working, the JDE FAT works correctly.


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I'm sorry, but if the workstation was re-configured, it's difficult to know what changed. Anything with UAC, path etc.? It needs to run as admin. The app just calls JDE APIs in the system DLLs.