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JDE not working in Citrix when logged in as domain user

Hi All,

Have 8.10, TR, and am trying to upgrade Citrix Farm. Have test server running Server 2008 R2 SP1 on 64 Bit.

Once installed it works fine when logged in as Admin. When logged in as a domain user though it craps out with -

6432/1792 MAIN_THREAD Fri Aug 05 13:41:41.967001 activConsole.cpp1501
REGISTRY:Unable to update registry for ACTIVCONSOLE. ErrorCode: -2147024891

I have followed all instructions on deploying JDE on Citrix server. I have modifed all file permissions, and granted domain users local admin rights. We run JDE on our production Citrix Farm (Server 2003) just fine.

What has changed in Server 2008 where it is not honoring my local admin rights? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Legendary Poster
There are various registry keys where users should also have control. Do you have the shortcut set to "Run as Administrator"? Or turn off UAC and see if that helps?