JDE EnterpriseOne Xe Upgrade Path


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Is there anyone out there still on JDE EnterpriseOne Xe SP 24.14 (not moved from coexistent) and is planning to upgrade to 9.2?
Is there even an upgrade path from Xe to 9.2?

IBM iSeries V7R1
JDE EnterpriseOne Xe SP 24.14


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yes - this is a common upgrade. Its a one-step process to go from Xe to 9.2 - though this is the final version that will allow an upgrade in a single step from Xe. However, you absolutely need to stop coexistence - as after you upgrade, there is no co-existence after Xe !

Xe/8.0 customers have only been out of support for just over 3 years now. December 2013 was the final year of support for Xe/8.0.

However, 8.9, 8.10 and 8.11 were all out of support prior to Xe/8.0 going out of support. That was due to the legal requirement for the Oracle takeover of Peoplesoft.
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Can you please help me with some documents for the process to be followed for JDE XE TO 9.2 TRADITIONAL upgrade which i can refer .
Thanks in advance.