JDE 9.2 websphere F5 load balancing issue


We are in the process of upgrading a customer to 9.2, using an Iseries server to host the ent & web services. The HTML server on the iseries has 2 instances connecting to production.
(1 VIP with 2 ports)
We are attempting to use the F5 Big-IP to load balance between the 2 instances. The instances have been tested successfully individually and can successfully perform surface test using VIP (completed via both instances)

The issue is when we remove an instance from the load balancer, the traffic for new connections are still being directed to the 'removed' web instance when using the VIP.

-Has anyone come across a similar issue with the load balancer not diverting the as expected
-Successfully set up a single VIP with multiple ports (using websphere) and load balancing successfully?

example screenshot shows 'current' traffic going through port 82 but SVM show connected to port 83.

Enterprise: Iseries 23X
Web server: iseries 23X WebSphere 8.5.5


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