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JDE 8.9 F41002 USTR Hexadecimal


I am trying to write an ETL to populate the F41002 table running on an iSeries (AS/400) installation of JDE 8.9. My local staging environment is PostgreSQL on Ubuntu 14.0.4; my ETL tool is Pentaho PDI v5.01.

The schema for the F41002 lists the USTR field as CHAR (1); however, looking at existing data on the iSeries (green screen), there is a visible column indent, and if I export some working (JDE manually entered) data from the table as UNICODE, then open the file in a hex editor, I can see a 0x203 character precedes the value I have set in the field. For example, a visible code of '1' is actually 0x2031 in the table. This appears to be specific to iSeries.

I have tried injecting the 0x203 using the HEX() function via SQL, but it is an unrecognized function.

I am looking for advice on why this field in this table on this platform requires the hex code, and (more importantly), how I can append the code to the appropriate value.


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It might be easier to use an iSeries function like file transfer to upload data to the AS/400. You can also upload your ASCII PC files to the IFS and then use a copy command to copy to the iSeries EBCDIC. format.