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JD Edwards - 2001 Schedule Update


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Hello All –

The purpose of this email is to touch base with all JDE end users in order
to keep you informed about our plans for 2001. The JD Edwards Executive
Steering Committee has approved moving the Software Upgrade start date from
March 5 to May 7. The International Rollout will be changed from May
through December to starting in the Fall and concluding in 2002.

These changes represent many benefits to BCBG, including:

1. Allow sufficient opportunity to fully analyze, install, and test the IT
infrastructure and communication setup that will support a software upgrade
and a global system. We have identified that the existing infrastructure is
inadequate to support our vision. Currently we are diligently working with
multiple vendors toward selecting the most appropriate direction to
successfully support the software upgrade and international rollout.
2. Allow current end users the opportunity to become comfortable with the
system. Especially for purchasing end users who have moved from multiple
manual purchasing processes to a single online process, delaying the upgrade
and associated testing will allow more time to become comfortable with
changes already in place. For general ledger and fixed assets staff who
have only recently started using the system, this delay will permit them the
opportunity to go through a couple months’ processes prior to making
adjustments for an upgrade. For accounts payable staff, this additional
time should permit closure to current open issues.

Please give me a call if I can answer any of your questions.


Laura Lee Lukunich
Project Manager
BCBG Max Azria
2761 Fruitland Avenue
Vernon, CA 90058

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Reputable Poster
And Laura,
everyone here on the list wishes you all the luck in the world !

NT 4.0 SP5, SQL 7.0, One World B7321 SP12.4, Citrix 1.8 (XE soon)


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Dear LLL,
I'm not sure you found it out, but I'll spell it out right in front of you:
You just spoke to the World Wide JDEList Forum (some thousands of people all over the world, New Zeeland to Alaska, South-Africa to Canada, Novossibirsk to Lima ...)!
I really hope your people have heard you; if they did not, please tell them to join the JDEList ASAP!
Good luck with your International Rollout and don't forget to keep us posted with your news (either bad or, why not, good).
One is glad to be of service.

Adrian Chimirel
Programmer Analyst
LIVE: B732.1 SP12.2, Oracle 806
RS/6000, Citrix, 200+ clients