E9.2 Future of JD edwards

Jaise James

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I am not sure if this the right forum or not. However, I am posting a question here. I know the OnPrem support for JD Edwards(9.2) will expire sometime in 2031. We are currently at 9.1 and are planning to do an upgrade to 9.2. However, the question was what are other doing to future proof their strategy on ERP. Are people looking to move their JD Edwards instance to the cloud ( SAAS) or did Oracle provided any guidance on this


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I think you may be mixing up OnPrem support with Premier support for 9.2. Premier support has been extended for version 9.2 through at least 2031. I don't believe that Oracle has said anything about ending on prem support; of course, they'd like everyone to be in their cloud, but as far as I know the option for on prem is very much alive.


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Hi Jaise, as Don mentioned the 2031 date is for Premier Support for Apps 9.2. That is a long way out. IMHO I don't think you can future proof any IT investment beyond 10 years.

To put things in perspective, the premier support for Apps 9.1 ended in March 2017. Extended Support ended in March 2020 (No more ESUs for 9.1 unless you purchase ACS support from Oracle to get regulatory updates - 1099s, etc.). Sustaining support is indefinite for all releases

You can refer to this doc - http://www.oracle.com/us/support/library/lifetime-support-applications-069216.pdf . PDF page 9 and 10 for JD Edwards.

There is no official Cloud (SaaS) JD Edwards version. And I don't think there will be one any time soon (I could be wrong about how soon though).
JD Edwards in the Cloud using IaaS and PaaS, yes plenty of customers. But they are in the cloud by choice, driven by their Data Center and IT Infrastructure strategies.