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We would like to insert a carriage return character within the item notes in the F00165(Media Objects). We want to control how the text skips to a new line on forms (i.e. purchase order print form) Do you know if there is a character for a carriage return that we could insert within the text?

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How are you inserting the text to begin with?

If you're doing it in a BSFN with "ModifyGenericTextName", or similar then you can just put "\n" wherever you want a carriage return.

Oops, I should say that works if everything is inserted as Plain Text, otherwise, you'll also need to insert the 'par' code if you want to retain rtf formating. Close inspection of what OneWorld puts in that file will reveal how it should all look.


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It seems that your concerns are dealing with 2 (two different) issues:
1 - Inserting the CR within the Item note (attachment) into the F00165. As you may have noticed, you already have a reply from one of our experimented JDEListers, sorry, Whippers :)
2 - Controlling the printed text on the PO UBE. Another experimented JDELister, Zoltan, recommends using the raw copy (that is [CRTL]+[C] from any text editor) of the CR character and pasting it into the concat(,) Text System Function, at your disposition.
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Thanks for your response. Here is what we are doing. We are currently converting from our legacy system to JDE. The text is first being processed by a legacy program and downloaded to a speadsheet. The spreadhseet has two pieces of info 1) short item id and 2) the text (3000 byte max). Then I run a data conversion tool called "DATA JUNCTION". "DJ" puts the text into a table I created called the F55165. We had a consultant write a business function for us that inserts text to the F00165. I wrote a UBE which calls that BF. The UBE reads the F55165 and writes the F00165. We are very UBE literate and very C++ illiterate. Can I inbed the '\n' in the text either 1) on the legacy side while creating the text workfile or 2) in my UBE or 3) must it happen in the BF? A JDE hotline consultant had also mentioned the '\n', but said that it had to be converted to hex. Let me know what you think

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Wow, lots of work going on in there. I'd say that if everything was done properly (meaning every bit of that text is copied in all the steps) then you should be able to insert that carriage return in the legacy system. Is that the easiest place to do it?

I'm afraid though that you have so many steps, and Ancillary processes, that I can't make a reliable suggestion. If it's any help, the hex in EBCDIC for 'carriage return' is x0D and 'Line feed' is x0A.

In any case, I think some experimentation is in order. Then follow the path of least resistance.

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You need to call a business function B7400150 (Convert CR and LF to
Hexadecimal) to return the Line Feed character to Hexadecimal format then
you can insert the hex character/s into your string.
Note: Create 2 variables based on alias EV01 to receive the returned hex