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Thank you Zoltan.
As usual, you at least try to be helpful.
I was beginning to think nobody would reply.

Changing the field description in RDA or FDA is no problem.
But our need here is to populate a table with Retailer information,
and then "hang" the table in an area where our external retailers can access
the data.
Using a utility, which we call "UltraComm", the retailer can query the data
with their own selection criteria.
The field descriptions in the table are not always desirable.
ie) PA8 = "Address Number - Parent" in the data dictionary.
PA8 = "Retailer Number" would be more desirable.
So, as you can see, we need to create the file with our own field text.

Adding fields to the data dictionary is easy.
It's the Data Dictionary Replication that is the pain.

The "old" WorldSoftware, using AS/400 with DDS, made this a simple matter.
It is unbelievable that JDE would omit such a simple function in OW.

Thank you again Zoltan.


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Hi Joseph,

Thanks for your update. Generally I do not like to see un-replied posts on the Forum :)

Your situation is a good reason (in OneWorld!) to create a new Data Item. I understand, this way is a big price for a description change.
On the other hand, why is so painfull the Data Dictionary Replication for you?

I am sorry that you haven't answered all of my questions (including System Informations ;) and see, here is some new again:

1.) Is your "UltraComm" utility is an application (APPL/UBE) made in OneWorld or is a third party one?
2.) If it isn't an OW application then how does it retrieve description of the Data Item?
3.) If it is an OW application and you use OW with blank language code (Domestic) in the user profile and your version is at least B733x then I have a really-silly hint only for you :)
Let's see it:

1.) Create a new Language Code e.g. XX (UDC: 01/LP)
2.) Enter a language override for PA8 with your required description and with XX Language Code.
3.) Change the a test user's language code to XX in the user profile.
4.) Log-off, Log-On OW.
5.) Test your utility (and other parts of OW too).

Currently I am not sure that the language override will be JITIed automatically onto your test environment or you have to delete the "well known" spec files.

Please, if you tried this really-silly hint then let us know how does it work. Thanks.

Good luck,

B7332 SP11, ESU 4116422, Intel NT4, SQL 7 SP1
(working with B7321, B7331, XE too)