E9.2 How Related Address Num (N8RE1) of App: P03013, Form:W03013 is calculated?



Hi Community and thanks for the help!

I want to retrieve for analytic and validation purposes the Related Address Number (N8RE1) from the Billing Information form of a customer. I usually can pull the data from some table, but I can't figure out how this number is populated in the form.

So far, I've found that in the data dictionary you can see that the field is validated against the UDC 40-RA. Where you can see that you can point the Billing Address of a customer to any related address from the F0101 table. But I have no clue how I can query this number.

Has anyone tried to pull this data from SQL? Is it stored in a obscure table that I'm not aware of? I suspect it's a calculated number. If it's the case how it's done? I would really love to be able to understand how it's done.

Thanks a lot Community! :)