Is there an option to omit subledger data when posting to the F0902 table


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We only need to omit document numbers from the subledger field (SBL), such as Sales Orders, Invoices. We need to keep address book numbers. Will JDE allow us to do that? We have a almost 30 million records in out Account Balances Table, which takes a very long time when running queries or Showcase reports. To get around this we have a summarized version of this table which is smaller than the master table.

We are in the process of upgrading to 9.2 from 7.3 and are hoping we can have this option.


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Well, the problem is that we on this forum do not know your data and the specific details of your requirements. So what I am saying here may or may not be helpful. As you probably know, g/l account maintenance is where you tell JDE what to do about subledger information. The posting edit code is the field that controls this. So the question is this - do you have g/l accounts that have a mixture of subledger types in them? Maybe some do. Many may not. For example, usually you have work orders being charged to g/l accounts that only have work order activity in them. So for those accounts, you may (if you really, really want to do that) set the posting edit code to "X" (no subledger entry allowed). If a g/l account does require a subledger value on every entry, posting edit code "S" would seem to say to post in the F0911 that way, but not in the F0902 (though I have not personally done this, so cannot vouch for it), and since the F0902 is your issue as I understand it, you could try this on accounts where you know you won't have address book type subledger activity.
Chances are your accounts currently have a blank posting edit code value, correct? Which means subledger posted in both F0902 and F0911. Sounds like you need a new posting edit code that is kind of like "S", that allows (does not require) sub ledger entry, but posts subledgers only at F0911. Sounds like you need to submit an enhancement request to Oracle for this capability. Maybe your company would consider paying Oracle to create a modification for you that would then go into future versions?

Now, I am not familiar with A9 (just 7.3), so it could be possible something has changed in A9, though I get the sense it has not. You probably would want to log a service request with Oracle support and see what they say on this.

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I cannot help with 9.2, but I can help with 7.3. I am attempting to expand on what John already said.

The subledger field can be updated either programatically (usually by setting processing options) or manually, for example in voucher entry and journal entries.

You can set a processing option in sales update to place one of the following numbers in the subledger field of the entries: <ul type="square"> [*]Sales Order Number [*]Sales Person Address Number [*]Sold To Address Number [*]Ship To Address Number [*]Short Item Number [/list] If no one in the organization needs that information on the JEs, you can clear the processing option and the subledger field will not be updated going forward. If the subledger information is needed in the JEs but not in account balances, you can change the posting edit code on the revenue and COGS accounts (and maybe Inventory).

I have seen that manufacturing accounting updates the subledger field with the work order number. I have no exposure to manufacturing accounting, so I do not know if that functionality is processing option driven. If you do not need the work order information in the account balances table, you can change the posting edit code on the accounts that manufacturing accounting updates.

Here are the posting edit codes that you can apply to an account that control subledger accounting: <ul type="square"> [*]L - subledger and subledger type are required and the subledger detail is posted to account balances [*]S - subledger and subledger type are required but the subledger detail is not posted to account balances (in F0902 both fields are blank) [*]X - subledger and subledger type are not allowed (in my opinion there is not a great need for this PEC - if subledger is not required I believe the majority of users will not enter it) [*] Blank - subledger and subledger type are not required. If entered, the subledger detail is posted to account balances. Most accounts usually have a blank PEC. [/list] Because the PEC is on an account, you cannot force the posting of subledger detail to account balances for subledger type A (Address Number), but not for other subledger types. You can however, post subledger detail to account balances for T&E accounts and not post it for Revenue, COGS and WIP accounts.

If you change the PEC on a account from a value that posts subledger detail to account balances to "S" which does not, you need to do additional processing steps to prevent integrity problems. Please send me a private message if you need additional information on these special steps.


Hello all,

Is there any impact when changing existing post edit code from blank to "S'.

kindly help me ASAP.

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