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Is there a way to build business functions outside Busbuild, i.e using the VS

I need to build business functions but visual studio is not working for unknown reasons.

Somewhere I had read about an article where you could create a make file and build the JDE bsfn completely in Visual Studio.
Visual studio standalone is working. The jDE busbuild tool is failing to build the bsfn because it cannot find the right compiler. I know that JDE needs the correct VS version installed for that to work.
What I meant by building in visual studio completely is that, if there is way by creating a custom makefile?? and pointing it to the installed compiler as the busbuild tool creates automatically.
In past I had read about an article of creating such a make file project in VS and using the VS build functionality to link the bsfn to the CCUSTOM dll and the required objects. Unfortunately I cannot find that article.