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Invoicing P42565


Hi List. XE 14.1 AS/400 When printing invoices as a batch run, selecting by company, order type, and next status, I find the program running long 2hours or more. I ran a AS/400 trace and found the P42565 program is reading the sales history file looking for a match I suppose. F42119 file contains 150,000 records. All available records for invoicing are in the F4211 file. Any ideas why the program reads the F42119 file???? If I change data selection to select a single order the program runs in 2 minutes, apparently avoiding the F42119 file????? Thanks for your help.


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R42565 runs over a joint business view over F4211 and F42119. The reason it
does this is to facilitate invoice reprints. Perhaps you should use a 'date'
data selection to exclude those orders already processed...