inventory valuation

I'm running the Inventory Valuation Report R41590 at the
beginning of each new month and record our inventory value
at each branch plant. I forgot to run it for the month of
January and don't have the figures to record. I do have
December 2000 and February 2001. Does anyone have any
knowledge of how to find the total value for a past time
frame? Any help would be appreciated.

Carla Terwilliger
Orlando Utilities Commission
Purchasing and Materials Management
E-mail: [email protected]


Have you looked at the item ledger as of generation (R41542). This program will read all of the item ledger records and create a summary of an items activity in the F41112 by fiscal year/gl period/branch/item/lot/location. You can then use the item ledger running balance inquiry (P41112) to view this information. From the running balance inquiry, you can see the beginning balance for the year, transactions on a month by month basis and the cumulative ending balance for the each period, for both quantities and dollars.
Hope this helps,

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