Manufactured Frozen Standard Cost without Cost Roll?


We are setting up another company onto our system. Because of differences in bill of material structures, overhead calculations, and how they were calculating weighted average for their manufactured items they would like to wait until month end to do a cost roll. They are needing to match cost and inventory value between the two system for audit purposes.
The purchasing part will be easy, I think. I’ll just need to enter their current purchased cost into the 02 buckets.
But, what’s the best way to get the manufactured 07 cost entered?
I can manually enter the 07 cost but without it frozen I want get manufactured cost on work orders or absorb overhead.
One work around we’ve done during testing was to change the manufactured item’s stocking type to P(purchased), entered the desired cost into the 08 purchased, then roll into 07. Then, change it back to M.
We are running JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.1.
Manufactured items-Sales/Inventory = 07
Purchased items-Sales/Inventory = 02
Purchasing =02

Thanks in advance for any information.