Inventory Transfers via BSSV


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Hi folks,

Does anyone know if this is possible? JP410000 exposes some inventory but I don't know if movements is one of them.




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Thanks Russell,

Thanks for the reply. what am I looking at in those links? A list of the BSFN DSTR fields, right?

Yeah, it was just to give you a hint of how we put together an interface for transfers. Basically we create an IT header and detail record on the JDE side using work tables and then call the final operation which is to process all of the lines in one go so it ends up as one IT. We do this because in a lot of instances with our mobile deployments the customer want to be able to basically pick from the warehouse to a staging location which means that a single transfer can take a while so you can't rely on session caching etc. They may also want to complete another transaction in the middle of a transfer so we like to use permanent storage.

It just gives you an idea of the type of data that we push through the interface.


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What E1 BSFN did you end up calling or did you write your own there too?
I'll have to have a 'driver' over mine as they want LIFO or FIFO from time to time. So I'll work that out before calling the E1 BSFN


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I was just reviewing and there are a bunch of calls. but the nuts and bolts are here

easiest way IMO is to do a transfer on from the web/fat client and turn on the logs. We don't allow them to manipulate whats been already added to the transfer, if they have made a mistake they need to cancel the transaction with bssv call to F4113FSClearWorkFile

EDIT: i wrote some bsfn wrappers around those bsfns to take care of the a lot of the inter-workings. AcmeF554113CancelDoc etc etc. BSSV calls wrapper bsfn's
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