Inventory serial #


Could someone please tell me the Maximum length of the Serial # (Lot #)field.

I think it is 12 and we need 13. Is it a different length in One World

Currently on A73 - I am investigating B7.3.x / XE
In OneWorld, the Lot/Serial Number field(Alias-LOTN) is 30 characters long,
according to the Data Dictionary. Sorry, I don't currently have access to
Re: RE: Inventory serial #

Thank you

Currently on A73 - I am investigating B7.3.x / XE
One of the first MODS that we did was to change a large number of programs/videos from 12 to 13 characters.

It was a brutal MOD to implement as LOTN is in so many places in the system.

I never understood why JDE would define LOTN in the DD as 30 characters, then only allow the input and display of 12.

A73 Cum 7 Coexistent with B7332
Is it different in One World? Yes and No.
In both World and One World the Lot/Serial number is defined in the data
dictionary with 30 characters. Unfortunately, in Wolrd, all the screens and
servers that work with this data item treat it as 12. In OneWorld, in the
system constants that you get to through the branch/plant constants, there is a
check field for co-existence. The purpose of this check is to tell OneWorld
whether you are going to use only 12 characters of the lot/serial (co-existence)
of if you will be using all 30 characters (not co-existence). Hope this helps

hatchco <[email protected]> on 06/12/2001 03:33:34 PM