Inventory integrity issue


Hi list,
we have an issue with R41544. we run the report and it shows a lot of
discrepencies. then i manually began to analyse them and discovered that qty
and cost in 41021 and 4111 are equal, but at the same time the report shows
different figures for Item balance and item ledger, in spite we set N in the
first processing option of the report.
Any ideas? thanks in advance tigran


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The odd-looking stuff in R41544 inventory integrity report is called
"functioning as designed" by JDE. It gives bogus errors. If one runs R41544
at our place and believes the report, one would think our records are trash,
which they are not. I suggest the following. Write reports in SQL or
whatever, and run nightly, comparing F4111, F43121 (for OV receipts with
MATC=1), and F0911. Then total all transactions by ITM from F4111 for
yesterday, and compare to change in balance by ITM on F41021 (must save
balances from previous day's run to do the roll-forward). Or similar that
you may invent. Our inventory wizard can give you more info about the
integrity reports if you desire.

We have tried doing "compare" things like this real-time with Oracle
triggers, and it was like pouring molasses into the server. Gets very
sticky. Also smells bad. Sort of like a Coca Cola spilled on top of an IBM

The small errors in money amounts such as $.04 are caused by rounding in
unit cost.

Dave Mallory Denver Water Denver, Colorado, USA NT 4.0
Oracle 8.05 7332 SP13.3


thanks Dave (spasibo-that's in Russian thanks). frankly we've already
created a report using Access which compares F41021 and F4111 and my concern
was that our report shows much less qty of incorrect items than R41544. now
i think that our report is more reall than the standart one. also i receive
the list of Sars required to fix this issue:
318 Item Ledger/Ac Integrity-False 12/14/99
3534438 Strange Results w/ No F4102 12/2/99
3534614 Branch not displayed correct 12/3/99
3716493 Percent Variance always 100% 2/8/00
3747661 Find Prior Year For F41112 2/24/00
3777544 Localized Item Balance Ledger 2/15/00
4170146 Remove Purchasing Variance AAI 6/2/00
4247457 Add 4385 AAI To R41543 8/2/00
4348098 Wrong Item number on Report 7/19/00
4348320 "IS" Show as Variance in Rpt 7/12/00
4414972 Curr. display dec/item balance 8/30/00
4522412 Change Data Selection Keys 10/11/00
4717148 Special Instructions ESU Link SAR Euro Integrities 1/9/01
4788974 Item Ledger/Account Integrity 12/27/00

Special Instructions for the SAR 4717148 - You may also want to consider
taking SAR 4717130 (Cross Industry and Financials) integrities.

Object List Object Description Version
B4100910 F4111 - Check Integrity With F0911
R30543 Cost Component / Ledger Integrity
R41543 Item Ledger/Account Integrity
R41544 Item Balance\Ledger Integrity