Inventory Commitment at the time of Ship Confirm


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Hello JDE Experts,

Need a help for you. We are looking to introduce Lot processing in our business in order to track the product from Mfg. Plant to end customer Sales Order and we are always do partial shipments on the customer order. We need to commit (hard) the inventory at the time of Ship Confirm due to partial qty shipments and not sure what configuration we need to do in order to commit the inventory (from lots based on Commitment method '2') at the time of Shipment Confirm (P4205).

Please help me to know the configuration changes for this.

JDE 9.2
Tools Release:


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I am having the same problem. I need the lot/lots to be selected automatically according to FIFO, but it keeps defaulting to the primary location rather than the lot/location that it should select. I can't use pick confirm, because it reserves the entire lot for that sales order, and it may be 6 months before we ship the entire thing, which would render our FIFO method useless. Please let me know what you find out.