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Installation freeze at 96 %



when i install or update a build on a workstation (P 733 nt4 128ram 10gig 2 partition OW is install on D: drive) ) it go fast but then at 96% (configuring files) it froze 30 minutes and then continues ...
it`s not a problem of NIC or network.

My server are Nt4 sp6
OW Xe sp 13 ...


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We had similar problems here but I do not know if it is the same as what you encountered.

Our problem was caused by the Norton Anti-Virus program. The way we fixed it was to turn off Fill system realtime Protection, set the directory, B7, as an exclusive directory, or set virus scan only on Selected file types and scan only on Modified (Scan on Create)in the advanced settings. The NAV we use is corporation version 7.x.

Good Luck!

--Tim Hui
MS SQL7, Windows NT 4 Server/Windows 2000 Clients, B7333, SP14.

Tsunghan Tim Hui
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Service SP13 out of box is extreme wrong.
Apply one off related to SP13 but it is more recomendable
to go direct to SP16.1

Do not try to run ESU - ASU on SP13
Sergio Vargas

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