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E9.1 Full Client Installs Failing


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I'm facing 2 issues for a full client install-

JDE Installer -
I have a Win workstation with both C:, D: Drives available. The share source from the deployment is on D:

When the installer loads it's defaulting to the available D: When I change it to install to C: that it eventually errors out that it can not
find the packages on the share now with likely the

Maybe in diskmanagement make the D: drive temporarily? Maybe a swap with the assign command?

BI Publisher Installer -

Oddly with installing 64 bit version it errors out wanting 32-bit even though I've confirmed 64-bit OS




What do you men by the resource is in D drive? you are accessing the dep server shared path from the fat client and running the install manager, correct? Is this s pre existing fat client or a fresh new install?