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No Order messages being generated after freezing POs

MRP has been a burden for my company as it generates all of the exception messages, assumes that you will follow those suggestions, and then generates a B or O message if needed. The problem is that we do not change existing Purchase Orders. If needed we will create a new order and send it to our suppliers, but we never Increase/Decrease/Defer/Etc.

I found that one solution is to freeze the order which, to my understanding, tells JDE to not consider it when running MRP message generation. This cut down on a TON of unneeded messages and our ordering looks a lot cleaner.

Here is the issue: We have an Item that is over committed. There was one PO open and there was also a OT (transfer) order open. I froze the PO and then ran MRP on that item. I checked messages and there was an E message as I didn't realize that I also needed to freeze the OT order. I then froze the OT order and ran MRP again. I was fully expecting that it would give me a B message to order and expedite since the item was still over-committed and due to the freezes on open orders it could not ask for them to deliver any sooner.

I did not get any order messages. No B's or O's. There are two F messages but those wouldn't do me any good.

What I am not understanding is why I am not seeing a suggestion to Order and Expedite or at least Order.

Does anyone have any ideas? I can provide more info if needed. Just seems like I am missing something simple.