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Install Xe


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Hi list,
We are live on OW Xe SP13 and we are planning to install Xe in an other deployment server, apart from the live server, and copy across the custom developed object from the live server to the new server. Our consultants have suggested to build a package for custom objects and burn a CD and install the CD as an ASU in the new server.
Our plan is;
1 Build a package and create a CD of customized programs from current installation.
2. Install OneWorld Xe on new Deployment and Enterprise servers.
3. Install OneWorld Xe SP13.1 in new servers.
4. Copy Data Dictionary values from current server to new server
5. Install Customized programs in new server.
6. Copy the versions from current server to new server.
7. Install OneWorld Xe Update -2 in new servers.
8. Build client package (Full and Partial) in new server.
9. Restore JDE_Production database from current server to new server.
10. Test.
Please share with us if you have any comments, suggestion, experience in this area. Thanks.


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I know there are a set of JDE white papers on the subject of multiple deployment server and enterprise server set up. It would be worth trying to get hold of them.

It is a long time since I looked at them so they have probably been updated for Xe (then again not).

But they certainly helped us when we moved to Xe.

There is also a white paper on Deployment Server migration - which might help you.

Another idea - why burn a CD, can you not restore from the back up of your current Server? May involve a bit of fiddling with tables in the Planner etc (for it to recognise the new server names) but may be a lot safer when it comes to making sure of completeness.

Also for the enterprise server, you can just copy the path code - that will ensure all is complete, then you just need to do some work in the OCM and OL.

OW733.3 Xe SP 14.2
Enterprise Server - Intel NT + Oracle 8.0.6
Client - Citrix TSE + 4 NT PC's for development