E9.2 Importing JAR files from AIS ClassPath into Custom Groovy Service Request


I am trying to use the groovyx.net.http.HTTPBuilder object to make HTTP calls to an external API. I need to use Content-Type application/octet-stream and multi-part form data to interact with the API which I don't think is available in the soft coded REST connections.

I have placed all the dependant JARs on the AIS server and added a reference to each in the AIS Classpath for AIS in Server Manager, but I still get an error that the class is not found.

Has anyone got any advice on using extra Groovy Libraries in an Orchestration and / or how to import classes from the AIS class path. correctly?

I have done the same thing by adding the latest versions httpclient/httpmime/httpcore jar files , this it what cnc told
  1. The jar files needs to be replaced in the jde_home directory of the AIS instance. Specifically the WEB-INF/lib folder.
  2. Also in the weblogic home directory of the AIS server.
  3. I would also recommend that the temp files of the server are cleared.