I want to get selected grid rows in report?


Hi all,

Actually i am working on an application which when selected grid rows randomly in Find/Browse form must be inserted into table when the UBE is called through Report Interconnect in row exit in button clicked event.
Like this


In grid properties I used multiple select option for selecting multiple records.

And when i click on row exit the report will be called.

But it is selecting only the first record and displaying it in pdf.

I used row is selected(web) in grid event rules.

is it possible to insert randomly selected records from application via report into table?

The application i am using here is Headerless detail. I t can be possibly through find/browse also.

Help me...

i struck there itself.
Hi Nagendra,

Yes we can do. You can try to insert those selected records into table in row exit event first by using the system functions and then call UBE. By doing this so, we can avoid multiple table I/O process by row is checked and un checked.


Make sure you also select repeat for grid in the ER under options I think it is on the menu. Changing it to multiple select I think only allows multiple lines to be selected but does not force them all to process.