HR Self Service - Getting Started


Just upgraded system to E910U2/TR9.1.4.5 windows 2012 all-around, sql2012, WLS12c. HR now want to move to self-service and I'm looking for any pointers on what needs to be added to the configuration for a pilot. Understood the JDE approach in the past was with some form of portal, looking for tips on what this means to E910, is there still a Portal? is oracle suggesting a way. Any documentation would be helpful. thanks jerry

Chan Rana

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I think starting 9.1 you might not need the web portal. Best way is to login into Oracle support and get documentations.



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Self-service in E1 pages is much simpler than having a portal -- we used WebSphere portal when we first set up self-service but have changed to just having the applications on an E1 page this year.


Thanks for the responses. Did open an SR with Oracle, they're response was Portal, with Oracle web center. E1 pages does seem a simpler solution. Does anyone have experience, or comment about advisability, with enabling E1 pages to the 'wild' internet? Thanks again.