How to validate the Asynchronous Report status from NER

m santhosh

Hi All,

We have developed the BSSV to do the Shipment confirmation, for this we have developed the NER and we called the R42500 report in asynchronous mode by passing RI values as internal data selection from NER and after the UBE call , I have written the code on F986110 to get the job status but it couldn't work, So we are failed to validate the shipment confirmation and we are getting unexpected result.

So is there any another alternative way to check the job status in F986110 table or any way hold the NER execution till for UBE executions ronou in asynchronous mode?
Please give any suggestion ..........

Current version : 9.1

Thanks in advance...........

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when not just call the shipconfirm bsfn directly from NER instead of calling the UBE? the bsfn would then return success/fail

Maybe this will help... sort of old-school...

When the UBE Starts, Insert a Record into a Custom Table. As the UBE Ends, have it Update that Custom Record as its deathbed-wish. You can put whatever you want, in that death-wish record.

Hope the idea lets you think through the box, not just out of it....

We call the BSFN here. Far quicker execution that launching a UBE