How to read barcode in application


sub How to read barcode in application
I would like to know how we can implement bar code within JDE Application.
I want to read barcode in application directly.
Can any one tell me how to get barcode output in application field directly.
I am using B7333.
Dharmendra kaushik


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Hi dkaushik,

It's easy. Really, to read barcode is exactly to read data from keyboard. But you have configurate the device to tabulate next to read.

Yo have insert 2 input field in form. Once input field to read barcode and second field is auxiliar to tabulation. You have set focus by default in the first field, you read proccess the input string in Row Change & Exit - Inline (and the end to ER blank field), the device should set focus in second input field and you have add ER in second input to give back focus to first input field and continue reading.

I hope help you.