How to pull text file from PO Entry


Hi there,

I would like to use World Writter to pull text that was entered at PO Detail. Is this feasible?
I was looking at F0016 and F00163 but I do not know how it is linked to F4311 to display the text.
Could anyone guide me please?

Many thanks

On Oracle Support there is a document in the World Writer Information Center called "WW: Print Sales Order and Purchase Order Text in World Writer (Doc ID 627347.1)" that explains the relationship that you need. It shows how to get the text for Purchase Orders.
Actually Ivy the text on a purchase order is in the F4314 file. The key is by po number, po type, company, line number.
The F0016, 161, 162, 163 files are for print messages.

Try using the F4314 file with the fields I listed as keys and see if you get the data you are looking for.
You can always email me with questions directly at [email protected]

You are correct as I incorrectly noted a document that does not directly explain pulling the Generic Text. But at the end of the document there is a link to "World Writer and Generic Text (Doc ID 627346.1)" that does discuss using the F0016, F00161, F00162, and F00163 files specifically in World Writer.