How to promote Menu?


Hi all,

I'm comming from B7334 version and now I had upgrated to E9.10, and before was easy to modify a menu, but now...

I have created the SE_REL, SE_RULE,SE_TASK and SE_VAR on the activity rules on P98230 screen (attached files).

I had modified a menu on the menu design (main screen), after that I go to OMW and promote the project with the menu that I had modified on DV until PD, and when I go to the menu design on PD I had no changes on my screen, neither on the website screen in PD, only on DV were I had made the changes.

What step I'm missing on this promote menu issue? I had log out and log in several times.




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Your Transfer activity rules for 21 to 26 are incorrect. You currently have DV910 to PY910 , it should be Control Tables - Test to Control Tables - CRP , the way you have 28 to 38 setup ( CRP to Prod).

Also you currently have 26 to 28 with rules to move CRP to Prod again , this is not needed. 26 to 28 is usually just a status change to indicate that testing was complete and it is ready for Production
thank you for your help, find attached as I have the relations now as you told me. The only thing I don't know if it's right 21 to 21.


EDIT: attached file


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