How to prevent Level Break Footer from calling?


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I have a main section A and it has a level break footer (LBF) on the Vehicle column below. In the Do Section of A, I call a conditional section B every 2 records in my UBE.

In the Do Section of the LBF, I call the conditional section B also.

Here's my data

1) Car
2) Car
3) Car

So in my example above, I would call section B after record #2 in the Do Section of section A and I will call section B in the Do Section of the LBF for the 3rd record

Everything is good since the data set has an odd number of records. Now the problem comes in when I have the below data set that has an even number of records

1) Car
2) Car

So like before, I'll call section B after record #2 in the Do Section of the main section A. Then the LBF will kick in since the Vehicle column changes value and it will call section B. But I DO NOT WANT THIS SINCE I ALREADY CALL SECTION B FOR THOSE 2 RECORDS. I DON'T WANT TO PROCESS THEM AGAIN.

How would you prevent the LBF from calling section B with the data set above. I was thinking of using a variable but I'm wondering if there's a better way to do this.

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Create global variable based on your logic and check it before calling the section B from LBF.