E9.2 How to see a result variable from a step in the outbound JSON response



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Hi folks

Bare with me :) I have a data request called F4611_GetValues that checks for the presence of a record on F4611, rows returned variable is called F4611_GetValues_count.

How do I then check that this value F4611_GetValues_count. is 0 in my manipulate output groovy section?
I can see it in my RRD_DataFoundRule, but I'd like to interrogate it in my groovy





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need more input! although I'm going to venture a guess that you could set an orchestration variable, populate it with the count, and then get to the orch variable from the output manipulate step.

IMO you're doing things a bit the hard way. Why not manipulate output in a groovy step prior to the end, populate a variable consisting of your output, and then just set your output at manipulate step to your pre-populated var? It would make testing wayyyyyyy easier. IMO :)
Like this???

I made a very quick groovy template and if the flow goes that way I see ServiceRequest2 in my jsonIn. So I jst check for that.
There must be a simpler way to do this. What if this Orchestrations job was to pass back a count of a datarequest. As really that's all I want to check,. If it's 0 I'll set a warning variable

Thanks Dave.
My issue was I didn't know where or what step I could map the variable from a step to an eventual output variable. This seems easy in BSFN calls.
I can create one easily enough in the final manipule output section but I then want to map the f4611count to it.

There must be a way to get the variables from previous steps as they are available in the 'messages' section
Sorry I don't have much of a response on this, I'm still struggling a bit to understand the issue. Maybe not enough coffee :)
In simple terms....

How do you make return variables of orchestration steps appear in the json response right at the end.

It's sinple to do with bsfn as you state the output values. But in my data request I only had one value, the record count.
And I wanted to see that in the response
I haven't forgotten this, I just need to play, which involves me getting a bit of free time, which involves me not having to spend all of my time in conference prep :D
Maybe I am missing something, but to send a value back out of an Orchestration to use in a form or pass back to another Orchestration that called it, you go to the output section, activate the variable as output, and optionally rename it. Only turn on the variables you want to send back as you get every one that is turn on for output.
Think it maybe this, but I'm on holiday lol

Hi guys

Does anyone have any idea how to solve this? All I want to be able to do is see the count from the first data request step (it'll be 1 or 0) in my last step.
As it's a kind of pass or fail check


So for whatever reason, the count output of a DR seems to be not exposed as a var to orch output. But it is exposed to orch components. So you can use a simple script to convert it into a script output which is then exposed to the orch output. I'm guessing though that this isn't what you're getting at?

HI Dave

So for whatever reason, the count output of a DR seems to be not exposed as a var to orch output. But it is exposed to orch components.

You are exactly right yes. This has been my issue all along. So odd. but yes it looks like we eneded up doing similar with a groovy step, so I will double check mine against yours and hopefully this is sorted, but they look identical. Yo've missed the screen shot of the groovy steps transformation saying F0101LookupCount is mapped to inputCount (but I've been looking at this for so long I knew :))

My biggest problem was working out ServiveRequest1 2 3 etc can change depending on the true false flow. But they are always sequerntial based on the flow steps hit. I thought their names were predefined, but it's not :)

Thank you again so much