How to generate XML from JD Edwards for BI Publisher?


Hello everyone,

I'm afraid this could be a repeat question on this forum and I promise I could not search a thread that was an exact match to my query.

My organization is in the very early stages of implementing JD Edwards as an ERP solution and there is a vendor helping implement it. Gradually we have to move the support in-house and that is where I come into the picture. I am taking care of new forms that have to be developed and we are using BI Publisher to build them. The RTF template that we create takes as input an XML file, which in my understanding is generated somewhere within JD Edwards and we then feed it across to BIP.

I need to understand how these XMLs are generated from JDE. Is there a tutorial or are there any step-by-step instructions that I can follow? As of now I have access to XML files that have been generated by the vendor already. I will need to know how to generate them myself going forward while creating new forms.

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When a UBE is associated with a report definition, JDE creates an XML when you submit it. You can view the XML source by going to Submitted Jobs and viewing the RD source.


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Not sure if other version of JDE allow you to view XML easily but in our case.

I do following in fat client if the RD is not available in web client or not setup yet

P95600 (First create rtf template)
P95620 (setup Report definition and submit RD and change the report output to LOCAL and get the xml from print queue).

once all done you need to attach the RD to UBE to run on web client. I would recommend to have separate BI version so that why you don't need to touch the vanilla version or your company version.


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The XML structure, nodes and elements etc are generated in the order the UBE executes. And will be nested as such.

Any RV values that are visible on your normal output PDF/CSV will be in that section. You can switch a flag in your INI file to show ALL regardless of this.

As stated above, the instruction to E1s UBE engine to make the XML comes form the fact there is a Report Definition that links your template and UBE or UBEVERs.
My understanding of where it does this is E1 utilises a behind the scenes system that either IS or very similar to OSA (Output Stream Access) that taps into UBE events to trigger the creation of the XML as it runs.