How to generate report on license numbers and modules used



I am a project manager at our Town corporation. I've already asked our JDE Systems analyst/amin and they do not have an answer for this.

We'd like to run a report or SQL query to get this type of information if possible:

1.) All modules/components installed (i.e. GL, AP, AR, GL, Contract Management, AM, etc) and sub-components
2.) Of the modules installed (by matching against other tables) determine if they have ever been used (i.e.: someone ever created a record(s) in that module/sub-component)
3.)Licenses available VS Used by Users for each component.
4.) When was the last time a module was used (not for each user, but by anyone).

Is this available as a canned report or has someone the SQL query(s) to pull this report?

Much appreciated.

Thank You



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Nice thread.
I believe you have to scan transaction tables for each module to find if any users has a entry for last 12 months

Love to see if anyone has done that as there are many modules and tons of transaction tables for each module etc.



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My perspective on your questions:
1. The modules are all installed in JDE E1 when it comes to applications. I don't know what you mean by sub-components - if you are referring to things like orchestrator, BSSV, UXOne... in the Tools layer, there would be additional installs.
2. Since modules are generally defined by system codes (characters 2 & 3 in table names), have your DBA run a query to list the tables and record counts for all tables in JDE_PRODUCTION (whatever your PD database is called). There may be some tables that are preloaded with records, but generally, the tables should be empty if not used. So, for example, if F34 tables are mostly empty, no one has used MRP.
3. I don't know the details of licensing and, I believe, there can be different models so you would want to refer to your contract with Oracle.
4. For system codes that have row counts, pick a table or two with larger counts. Run a query on that table looking at audit fields - usually UPMJ and UPMT/TDAY to see when last updated.