How to Correct Future Dated Vouchers That Have Been Paid



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This is an odd one.

A user accidently created a batch of vouchers with a GL date in the same fiscal year, but 4 months into the future. The due date was correct. All the vouchers were picked up and paid based on the correct due date.

Is there any way of entering new vouchers with the correct date and re-assigning the payments to the correctly (GL) dated vouchers and then voiding the future dated vouchers?
Not without SQL intervention. I think your best bet is to let the vouchers and payments stand and have accounting handle the date discrepancies through journal entries.

Thanks for your reply.

That is what I suspected. I could not find any information on how to correct it.
There is also the option to create another set of vouchers, of same amounts, supplier, quantities and so on, post them in the same GL date.
This would balance the accounts.
Then you can create new ones, and post to the correct dates.

But to be honest, i think the SQL part would be way easier.