Hidden Smart Field Column & Zero Row Suppression


Good morning, inexperienced on the development side but have a financial report to tidy up as we work our way into the budget process.

I have a financial report with "Suppress All Zero Rows" activated and includes the following visible columns:
5-year average (calculated)
Prior Year-2 Actual (Smart Field)
Prior Year Actual (Smart Field)
Current Year Approved Budget (Smart Field)
Next Year Requested Budget (Smart Field)

The 5-year calculation does add across 5 smart fields, the two listed above and three hidden columns. My issue is if a value exists for a line item in a hidden smart field and not for a visible smart field then the row is suppressed. The five-year average calculates and subtotals properly, however, that row is not displayed. I need to display the row when a value exists in a calculated column, even though a value may not exist in any visible smart field.

Thank you.