WorldWriter - Data mapping error on member Fxxxx.

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A WorldWriter recently stopped functioning, and started producing a joblog.

The joblog states "Message . . . . : Data mapping error on member F4101.
Cause . . . . . : A data mapping error occurred on field
(Cast(F55312_5.$E$MTL/10000 AS
Decimal(15,4)))/(Cast((Cast(F55312_5.$EURAT/100 AS Decimal(15,2)))*0.01 AS
Decimal(13,2))) in record number 0, record format *FIRST, member number 1,
in member F4101 file F4101 in library KNLPDTA, because of error code 9.
error code meanings follow: 1 -- There is data in a decimal field that is
not valid. 2 -- A significant digit was truncated. 3 -- A floating point
value exceeded the maximum representable value. 4 -- A floating point value
was less than the minimum representable value. 5 -- A binary floating point
value could not be used for the attempted operation because it is not a
number, or is not valid. 6 -- A floating point value could not be mapped to
packed decimal, zoned decimal, or binary. 8 -- A binary floating point value
that is not a number is not allowed as a key value. 9 -- Division by zero. ... "

The error message continues by explaining the other error codes AND
"... If the error occurred on an attempt to read an existing record, file F4101 in library
KNLPDTA identifies the name of the physical file containing the field
contributing to the mapping error. Otherwise, the error occurred on an
attempt to put or update a record in a file and the file name identifies the
open file that contains the field contributing to the mapping error."

For this WW, F01=F41021 (inventory locations) F02=F4101 (item master), F03=F4102 (item branch).
F41021 is joined to F4101 by ITM. F41021 is joined to F4102 by ITM and MCU.

This WW also has a "second primary file" which is F4211 and is F04.
F04 is joined to F55312 (F05) by DOCO and LNID.

Within the WW output specs, F41021_LILOCN is broken into ALPHA8 and ALPHA6. These represent ORDER# and LINE#.

Data selection "links" ALPHA8 = SLSORDER so we should pick up
only those sales order/lines that are (stored as alpha) in F42021_LILOCN.

The WW is NOT updating or inserting into any tables, so it SOUNDS LIKE the issue would be in F4101.

However, that doesn't sound right due to the SQL statements (in the error message) pointing at F55312 fields.
Further, there are rows in F55312 which have ZERO in the E$URAT column.
This would cause the SQL statements to attempt a divide by zero when calculating/casting E$MATL.
BUT, the rows with zero E$URAT should be excluded by data selection.

The point of this post is twofold:
1: Hoping that someone in JDELIST_land has seen something like this before and can provide guidance and/or
2: That a light bulb will appear over my head and I'll suddenly see the cause. (It's worked before)

Thoughts? Suggestions? Smart-aleck remarks?