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Headerless Detail Form

Hi all,

I have a problem when designing a Headerless Detail Form - it might be
something simple but I am missing it.

I populate the grid and after I click OK I get the message "Error: Duplicate
keys not allowed". However, if I look in UTB, my table gets up-dated with
the correct record. I get this message even after I generate my table. Any

My grid is made of BSVW columns (including the key of my table, which is
defined as a next number). I removed all ER and I get the same error. In my
Form Options box I have "No update on Form BSVW" and "No fetch on Form BSVW"


OneWorld Xe, SP14.1, Oracle 8.1.5

The issue was that our BSVW was a join between two tables and it was trying
to up-date both tables.

Thanks for the private feedback received,
OneWorld Xe, SP14.1, Oracle 8.1.5