Header record 1 of PPD/ACH, position 41-63 for Payroll


Hey all! I am 99.9% NOT JD Edwards smart. We are currently going through an implementation of JDE E1 and starting with HCM and we are trying to nail down the Payroll, PPD ACH export file for the bank. The implementation team has not been able to figure it out so it's left on me, the sysadmin to figure it out.

I have all of the setup so far in the Auto Deposit Instructions for Company (P07236) and what I need in there is coming out in the ACH file except for header record 1, position 41-63.

I have Googled and can't find anything close to that, including Oracle documentation, to where position 41-63 of header record 1 is coming from. I have placed test data in every field I can find to see if any print out there and it always ends up blank.

Any help/direction is appreciated. Understand that I am very unfamiliar with JDE (although I can use FastPath :D) but whatever you can give me I will at the very least pass on to our implementers to see if they understand it.

I apologize for probably such a trivial question.
Surprising to hear that the implementation team is not taking resposibility on setup and testing?. Only help what i can give is if you know how to look the ER code you can get some clue on where the data is collected from. You might take help from any technical developer in your team/company.

They implementation team (3rd party) is doing the setup and testing. They just aren't 100% sure how to get this particular ACH into the proper format. We were missing a lot of data from the Auto Deposit Instructions and the implementer found some sort of option or switch in the constants that helped get that data into the ACH.

I do not know how to look at the ER code. We also have no technical developers in the team/company. Our Company is a 1-man shop. I do it all.
If 3rd party is doing setup & testing then they should be accountable instead of you searching for the solution.
It is what it is. They figured it out though.

The apparent fix it to access UDC and use product code 06 and UDC BD and BC to added the routing number as the codes and the bank name as the description 01.