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Has anybody worked on the Single Use Accounts (SUA) Payment in JD Edwards?

[FONT=&quot]Hi All,

Has anybody worked on the Single Use Accounts (SUA) payment in JD Edwards?
And could someone please provide inputs on how it was developed, the process and the issues that occurred during its implementation?
Would appreciate your prompt responses.





We have. Twice. Sorry I won't have a lot of details since I was the developer on the project the first time to build the interface to the processor. Second time we turned it over integration development to our newly formed integrations team.

The one key element I seem to remember is that the BA that designed the configuration used a custom payment instrument code in AP. I think payment instrument is the right term??? The integration process simply picked up all the data for this custom payment instrument code and sent to the processor. I don't remember a lot of technical issues and I think it went pretty smoothly but I am not the BA that was running the whole thing. :)

Notice I said we have done this twice. Biggest issue will probably be getting your vendors to sign up and stay signed up.
Hi Brian,

Really appreciate your prompt response.
Could you please let me know if the payment file that was sent to the bank was created after the write payment process and automatically sent to the bank or manually uploaded? Also, if you used the csv or text file format for this process and any particular reason for not opting the other.
Any idea from which table the data was picked up and any Standard report that was used to prepare a customized report for processing?
Sorry for asking few functional queries, but just in case you remember anything regarding this?

Thanks for your help till now.
My very last client where we did a 9.0 to 9.2 upgrade, before I retired, had a customized report based on the R04576 which is printed after the JDE payment process. It was customized stripping data that was not needed and in CSV format. They emailed it to a dedicated representative at their bank. The bank then printed and mailed checks. Vendor addresses were already stored at the bank. New suppliers were manually added. In my opinion, the entire process was not very secure. My client was in the process of having the bank use direct deposits using the same type of process, again, not very secure.


It was several years back and I honestly don't remember too much about it other than the payment instrument part.
Thanks Brian and Alex for your inputs.
Do let me know the input from others as well who have worked on this, especially the response file and reconciliation file that the client receives.
How the reconciliation is done in JDE in case of SUA?