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Hello All

Within a window you have the 3 std windows buttons of maximise, minimise and closedown (the X button). Does anyone know how one can add logic to a function if the user presses the closedown icon? What user point within the event rules can handle this?


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Hi Euro,

You can add logic to "End Dialog" event of the Form where you want to do
some processing when the window/form is closing down.

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Hi Euroboy,
You can capture one of the mentioned three standard Windows button, namely the CloseWindow (CloseDown) button.
Pressing the CloseDown will trigger the Close/Cancel (depends on the type of Form) OneWorld Form exit, so all Event Rule logic attached to the events of Close/Cancel will be executed.
I have noticed a strange thing:
I can disable Close/Cancel form exit using system function in ER logic or changing its attribute on the Exit Properties sheet.
That is right and works: the Close/Cancel will grayed-out on the toolbar and in the File menu of the OneWorld Form but I still we able to press and execute the CloseDown standard Windows button.
Keep in mind this strange behavior when you will attach logic to Close/Cancel.
Hope, could help a bit.

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