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One of my users has asked me what the defaults of the Print Grid Dialog mean
- and if there is a way to modify the default from "Use Maximum Data" to
"Print Current Page".

Within an application that has a grid - select the grid, right click, select
Grid -> then print... and you will see the Grid Print Dialog.

Where would we modify the default from "Print Max Data" - and, more
importantly... why / why not?


Daniel Bohner
[email protected]
JDE - XE & AS/400
JDE - B7331 & MS SQL 7x


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Hi Daniel,
You should be happy if it is the most signficant problem of your customer. Is it the first, last or sole problem there? :)))

I didn't find any entry for it in the jde.ini file. Maybe you have to patch something under b7/system/bin32 folder? :)))

Have you already advised to your customer to use the Grid/Export on the same pop-up menu?
...OR... use the PrintScreen button on the keyboard? :)))

I envy you your satisfied customers.


B7332 SP11, ESU 4116422, Intel NT4, SQL 7 SP1
(working with B7321, B7331, XE too)


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If this was the ONLY issue my customer(s) had... I'd be pleased... Actually, they are fairly nice to work with (gotta say that - some of them are on the list).

They know how to export to Excel - and do it often. We just wanted to head off the issue where a newby prints off the entire Address Book Grid...

Thanks for your support - and admiration!

Daniel Bohner
[email protected]
JDE - XE & AS/400
JDE - B7331 & MS SQL 7x


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my understanding is that the Grid Print "Use Maximum Data" option only prints data that thus far has been pulled down to the workstation. If the user did a find (with no filters) and then did a grid print - Use Maximum Data - There would only be a little more than the current screen of data printed. If the user scrolls down to the very end - all data pulled down - then did a grid print everything would be printed.


Larry Jones
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