Good OCM Validation / Compare Process


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Anyone aware of a solid process to cross-compare the OCMs?

As I'm looking through logs, I'm seeing some references to tables not being found in mappings that should not be part of that environment. For example, on a Production server, I see that F0111 was not found in "Business Data -TRN". That tells me that someone has overridden 'something', either programmatically or via OCM. We don't have a TRN environment, so any fetch had better have failed.

While I'm on this journey, I had found missing mappings, that were the cause of some system issues (and properly being logged)...

If anyone is aware of a Report, Process or a proper way of sacrificing - that would help identify OCM / Database Mapping issues ... Please Share.



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I typically dump it to Excel and use VLOOKUPS to show the mappings of each object (row) for each environment (column).