GL Post did not create Automatic Accounting entries (AE) for intercompany


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We are on E1 9.0, tools

We found an company out of balance situation recently that we tracked down to one journal entry and batch. It was a journal entry entered by one of our accountants, 800 or so lines across 6 companies. When the batch was posted, there were no AE entries created, but the batch appeared to post successfully. We have 15 or so companies defined, and have the intercompany AAIs defined (ICCC). On any transaction that covers more than one company, there should be intercompany entries created when the batch is posted that keeps the companies in balance.

However, for this one batch and journal entry, we found that no AE entries were created, so that across all companies we were in balance, but by company we were not. We cannot find any rhyme or reason that would have resulted in Intercompany AE entries not being created for this one batch.

This appears to be the only instance of this occurring for us. We posted 140 GL batches that day, and typically have 100 - 200 per day. This has happened exactly once. The post job ended normally and posted the batch (except for the missing AEs).

One oddity is that on the GL Post report for this batch, there were 48 pages of debits and credits, but then at the very it, it said 'No F0911 Records found'.

We have found nothing in any of the logs related to this job or to the system that shows any error occurring around the time of this GL Post. Oracle says they cannot even speculate on a cause, unless we had some logs they could review.

To resolve the out of balance condition, the accountants entered single line entries that we allowed to post out of balance, to essentially recreate the AE entries that should have been created.

So we are left searching for a root cause. Has anyone run into this kind of thing, one batch out of the blue not creating intercompany entries when it should?

Any thoughts on what might cause such a thing.

Thanks for reading.