GL batch problem


Hi list,

Does anybody know any problem related with GL Post when the header batch
(F0011) appear as a posted (with "D"), and the transactions (F0911) still as
unposted (the right situation)?

It occour just after the batch creation. I mean, the batch is created with
F0011 posted and F0911 unposted (without and balance update - F0902 -).

Tnaks in advance,


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FW: GL batch problem

Hi, R.P.G.

I think you are mixing up two things:
First, Posted status for batch header is "D" (Done?). Normally,
immediately after creating a batch is have a status of " " (Pending
approval) or "A" (Approved for posting). At this time it is perfectly
normal that F0911.GLPOST=" " and no records in F0902. Batch status "P"
stands for "In process of posting", it should not normally be present on
the batch header, except for some VERY brief moments during R09801 run
(most of the time a batch, which is being posted remains at status "U"
(In Use)). You need to give more details if your batches go to status
"P" immediately upon creation. If batches stay at this status after
R09801 was run - UBE may be failing at some point, you need to check the
Second, though it is not absolutely normal to have a batch with posted
status ("D") in the header and non-posted lines in F0911, it occurs
sometimes. Running R09801 can correct the problem. If this is your case,
I would still check data integrity F0911 to F0902.

Vladimir Ponomarev
B7332, XE (mostly XE at the moment); SQL 7.0, Oracle 8.1.5; Wintel, HP
(mostly Wintel);
A little bit of World A73 Cum10
Re: FW: GL batch problem


I made a mistake in my first message. The rigth status is "D" into F0011 and
blank into F0911 (without any F0902 update).

I bacame interested in your comment that "it occurs sometimes". If you know
some detail about the source of problem (the fix I already know how to do ),
I would like to receive your reply.

Thx in advance,


BTW:Roberto de Paula Gomes
yes it appears at one of my customer on a randomize manner.
OW, SP16, update 1, Unix.
It seems to be related either to a breakdown issue (error message 'system will become
unstable') or perhaps to an issue in updating a flag or so into the server.
They try to reproduce this problem at will, but failed always but for one exception,
without being able to explain why.
JDE help line was of course helpless, what do you want to analyse when you cannot
reproduce an issue at will ?

Thus I do not help, sorry, but I hope you will not feel alone now !
By the way, what is your configuration ?

Best regards.

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