Turning of AR constant for GL Interface


Turning off AR constant for GL Interface

Hello, I have a US based client that is going live on a different system for GL. They would like to continue receiving and applying cash to open invoices without impacting the F0911 for a short period of time. They requested that we allow posting but that the F0911 results post to a different ledger type (not AA).

I am unaware of a way to post to different ledger type so we are now thinking of two approaches, 1) Turn off the GL Interface in the AR constants and 2) Leave everything as is but do not post the batches.

Turning off the GL Interface would be ideal but don't know what that means. Does that essentially look like unposted receipts and applications in the F03B13, F03B14 and F03B11?

Any guidance would be appreciated.

Thank you
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